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Online Stores

People have grown accustomed to ordering online in almost every facet of their lives and they are coming to expect it with their branded wearables, custom products, and group orders. Our online stores is a simple and modern experience for you and your guests.

We take care of everything from start to finish. Find out how Promotions Pronto can take you to the next level!


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Logo Design

If you don’t already have a logo or design drawn up but you have some great ideas, don’t worry we can help you. With an artist on hand, we can help turn your great ideas into vector art that can be placed on any promotional product or apparel requested.

If we don’t create your logo, there are a few requirements that we need from you to be able to process your design. We accept files such as eps, jpeg, tiff, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw, Microsoft word, and even a hand-drawn sketch will work as long as it doesn’t conflict with any copyright issues. There will be an art charge for the majority of these unless you submit vector art. But please make sure the artwork is yours or that you have permission to use the design.

Vector art

Why do I need vector art?

Since vector artwork retains its quality at any size, most decorators will require this format (camera-ready art). Think about it, these art files can be increased in size to fill a monster billboard or decreased to fit on a pen. Vector art also allows decorators to make any necessary adjustments (e.g. color separations, resizing, etc.) to the artwork for printing. Bottom line, vector is the most flexible digital art format

Please contact us with any questions regarding our ability to work with your current artwork or design. We look forward to helping your brand become a reality!

Endless ways to showcase your organization



Any non-profit organization that uses its charitable dollars at Promotions Pronto will not only have fantastic personalized service but also our support. We will attend, volunteer, sponsor, or participate in your event. We enjoy getting to know you and your event and we want to be a part of it.



Got a big Trade Show coming up? Draw attention to your booth and stand out from the competition! From promotional pens and bags to logo flash drives, apparel, water bottles, and much more, we are your source for the coolest and most budget-friendly custom trade show promotional items around.



Launch your new product with a bang! One of the most effective ways to introduce a new product is to package it with a promotional gift. Let us help you coordinate the gift with your brand and product launch.



Do you need help creating or revamping your brand? We can help you with logo design and recommend the promotional products that best fit your business. We can improve visibility and help increase sales with the right image-building items.



Recognize your employees or co-workers hard work or prevention of injuries. Workplace awards show your company’s commitment to hard work, safety, and achievement. Show them and customers that you appreciate them and acknowledge their success.



Whether you’re having a school or church event, a corporate sports event, or a charitable run, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and all promotional items can be ordered by each participant through an online store that’s just for your organization. Each person orders pays, and has the items shipped straight to their door.