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Improve Your Attitude with Gratitude!

Did you know that you can increase your happiness levels and build a more positive mindset just by writing down a few sentences each day? It’s true! Three Good Things is an end-of-the-day journaling exercise that aims to help people shed their negative bias in seeing and remembering events and to view things in a…

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of theservice men and women past and present! We are also extremely thankful for your continued support, patience, and understanding this past year. With the effects of the pandemic continuing into 2021, our business as a whole has been greatly affected. Our industry is seeing stock issues, longer production times, and increased…

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Need it Fast?!

Starting as low as $0.60 per! Order now for Valentine’s Day!The shipping and set-up charge is extra. Design included. info@promospronto.com | 636-273-0302

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New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to start fresh in 2021 and with every fresh start, comes new opportunities and ideas. Speaking of ideas, check out this online catalog filled with creative inspiration to kick start your year! HI21 Digital CatalogFeatures a variety of products from your favorite categories like…

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Can’t Touch This

Set-up charges and shipping are not included. Items are currently in stock but not guaranteed. Price for one color imprint. Full color options available. USA made, 60-70% Ethyl Alcohol. Pricing is good until 8/31/2020. To order yours today or for more sanitizer options contact us today! info@promospronto.com | 636-273-0302 Subscribe to more monthly specials! *…

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Keep your Mask Handy with this Lanyard Special

Polyester Mask Lanyard Gone are the days of worrying where you can safely set your mask down only to have it be contaminated. Secure your mask conveniently around your neck with the 1/2″ Polyester Mask Keeper. Two bulldog clips ensure that your face mask stays safe and within reach. Customize with your screen-printed logo for…

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