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Improve Your Attitude with Gratitude!

Did you know that you can increase your happiness levels and build a more positive mindset just by writing down a few sentences each day? It’s true!

Three Good Things is an end-of-the-day journaling exercise that aims to help people shed their negative bias in seeing and remembering events and to view things in a positive light on a regular basis. It also helps people to be more grateful, improve their physical health, better their behavior toward others, and develop a strong, positive mindset.

The way it works is, for one week at the end of each day before you go to sleep, you write down three things that went well and then reflect on why they went well.

According to Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of modern positive psychology, this practice works “because it changes your focus from the things that go wrong in life to the things that you might take for granted that go well. And focusing your attention on things that go well breaks up depression and increases happiness.”

So, the next time you’re feeling a little down or nothing seems to be going right, take a moment before you head off to dreamland and jot down three things that went well during your day! We personally recommend using our #56035 Souvenir® Daven Pen when you do.  Featuring a richly colored barrel, chrome accents, and rubberized grip, this ultramodern metallic writing instrument will start to improve your mood the moment it’s in your hand!

If you like planning ahead, November is National Gratitude Month, so now is a good time to start putting together a promo that shows your customers just how much you appreciate them!

Fun Fact: A study to investigate the effects of Three Good Things found that this exercise is “one of the most powerful positive psychological interventions to raise happiness and well-being levels” and that it increases both hope and optimism.